Click here to review the 2019 NJSIAA modifications to the NFHS rules, as discussed during the 2019 NJSIAA interpretation meeting.

2019 NJSIAA Modifications to the NFHS Rules

Click here to review the 2019 NHFS rules modifications that were reviewed during the 2019 NJSIAA interpretation meeting.

2019 NHFS Rules Changes

2019 SSOA Cadet Class

The 2019 SSOA Cadet Class is being held on Saturday, May 18, with field sessions being held on Tuesday, May 21. If you would like to take the Cadet Class and become eligible to referee HS soccer games starting in September, download and complete the Cadet Class application, and return it to the SSOA with the required fee.

2019 SSOA Cadet Class application

Illegal Cleat

Adidas Adizero 5-Star 7.0 Football Spike.jpg

Per NJSIAA, this cleat is ILLEGAL for use during any NJSIAA sanctioned soccer game.


As per the NJSIAA/NJSOA, all soccer officials are required to complete and pass an online recertification exam.  Passing score was set by the NJSOA for this year at 84%.  The exam MUST be taken and passed online, there is no other option.  There is no in class ”paper” exam, no remedial classes offered.  The exam is totally online.  If you do not take and pass the exam online you will not be able to officiate NJSIAA matches this season.
The test is based on a pool of 100 questions, which will sent to your Chapter for distribution.  The test each of you will take will be a random selection of 50 questions from those 100.
This process was voted on and passed by the chapters.  This is not a requirement imposed by the NJSOA Director of Instruction, the NJSIAA Rules Interpreter nor the NJSIAA.  This is a requirement of the NJSOA member chapters.
The 2018 Soccer Recertification Exam will be online and open from June 15 through July 31.  This is a 6+ week period.  You can print the exam and have up to six weeks, “open book” to answer the questions.  You will have up to THREE attempts to record the correct answers.
Except as noted, the exam is based on the 2017-2018 NFHS Rules, NJSIAA Handbook for Officials and NJSIAA Modifications.  Answer the questions as if you are a referee in New Jersey.
The exam is not meant to be an exercise in vocabulary or the English language/grammar, the questions are not designed to be tricky ….do not read into questions or create “what if” scenarios.  For each question there is only one correct answer.

To access the exam: 

Log into Arbiter as you normally would
Switch Views to NJSIAA Central Hub
Click the TESTING tab
Choose the 2018 NJSIAA/NJSOA Soccer Recertification Exam

Once you begin the online exam you can stop and return at a later time to complete the exam.
Once you pass the exam you will not be able to take the exam again.
On August 1 you will be able to access your exam and see which (if any) questions you answered incorrectly, as well as the correct answer.

To stem the flurry of questions, here are some useful links…

NJSIAA 2017 Mods -

NJSIAA 2017-2018 Handbook -

NFHS Soccer Rule Book – Log on to Arbiter, switch views to NFHS Central Hub. Click “Publications” and then “Soccer Publications”.  

To see the Rules changes adopted by NFHS for the coming season -

PLEASE CHECK YOUR ARBITER ACCOUNTS NOW!  Make sure you have access to NJSIAA Central Hub (Group ID 103626)


Recert Exam

2017 Rules Modification

Click here to view the 2017 NJSIAA soccer rules modifications.

2017 Daith Piercing Update (9/17)

Click here to review the Daith Piercing update from the NJSIAA.

Religious Head Coverings (10/17)

Click here to review the religious head covering update from NJSIAA.